Taking a Sensible Approach to Asbestos

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Asbestos is a highly emotive word - understandably as it is estimated that asbestos related disease is currently responsible for some 5,000 deaths annually within the UK. 


It is, however, important to approach the subject of Asbestos Management in a logical, systematic and informed manner. By using the expert services provided by SB Asbestos Management Ltd you can be sure that you will receive independent and impartial advice.


At SB Asbestos Management, we believe in taking a sensible approach to asbestos materials. Our extensive experience enables us to offer genuinely cost effective solutions to the problems associated with asbestos whilst providing the highest standards of safety and legislative compliance.


We do not over-react - quite simply we match the solution to the specific problem. Unlike many so called "consultancies" each client is managed by a company principal who not only holds asbestos related qualifications but is also a qualified safety and health professional. In this way we do not cosider asbestos in isolation from other areas of safety.


Our recommendations are always in a client's best interests - ensuring statutory compliance and avoidance of risk at minimum cost and, of equal importance, causing minimum disruption. 


Should you feel that we may be of assistance then do not hesitate to call or email us without obligation.





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